The Start of Skincare Routine

The Start of Skincare Routine
Maybe we should review our skincare routine and take a deep look on FACIAL CLEANSING?

Skincare Routine Starts From Clean Face

The Importance of Facial Cleansing

The air pollution is getting worse every year. How worse is it? Usually the smaller particles is deadlier.

We cannot ignore the impact of it, especially the particulate matter (PM), even though we cannot really see it floating in the air or like greymist. Not only our respiratory system are affected, the particulate matter speed up skin aging process and irritate sensitive skin.

The purpose of pre-makeup skincare is building up a stable skin condition to handle various needs we may face during days and nights. In the situation and environment like this, what we may want to do is to improve the skin barrier to protect against environmental stressors.

Daily 3 steps:
#Before going out

Step 1: Balance oil-water level

Step 2: Sunscreen helps us to defense UV

#Back from outside

Step 3: Full gentle facial cleansing (include makeup removing)

No matter how much skincare you might have done, clean face is what the most important you want

Facial cleansing is way more important than you think. Clogged pores will stop skin to absorb any nutrition you may want to provide and cause pimples and acnes after a period of time. Pores will be getting bigger and most importantly, our skin will start getting 'breakout' after 'breakout' due to our skin barrier are damaged.

The impurities on face can be mainly divided into:
1. Hydrophobic: Like sweat and dirt
2. Oleophilic: Like dead cells or makeup and foundation

Normally, only water can wash away hydrophobics, and oil can take away oleophilic.
In order to cleanse both of them, there are surfactants, which everyone should be aware of due to some of them may do damage to our skin barrier.

That is why BEVY C. separately develop facial cleansers and makeup remover.

BEVY C. Purifying Renewal Make-up Cleansing Milk (140ml)

Purifying Renewal Make-up Cleansing Milk

First, if you wear makeup, use Makeup Remover to 'dissolve' makeup and foundation on surface. BEVY C. Purifying Renewal Make-up Cleansing Milk uses Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein to soften cuticles and naturally exfoliate old dead cells while removing makeup. 

BEVY C. Clarifiant Creamy Facial Wash (105g)

Bevy C. Clarifiant Creamy Face Wash
After remove makeup, we use Clarifant Creamy Facial Wash to wash away hydrophobics. To lower the damage caused by traditional surfactants, BEVY C. chooses natural ingredient that rich of saponin to create dense bubble and penetrate into the depth of pores to bring out impurities.

BEVY C. Purifying Foam Cleanser (165ml)

Purifying Foam Cleanser

Some of us suffer from dry and sensitive skin which irritated from time to time. To help them, BEVY C. developed the formula that is soap-free or not saponified and close to skin's pH level.

We added ECOCERT organic ingredients and hydrolyzed yeast protein to avoid tightness that may occur after cleansing. Other active ingredients, like moringa seed extract, a potent cleansing agent, that purifies pores and sebum. 

A Relief of Skin

We are all facing different stressors in different situations. Helping ourselves prepare for tomorrow are what BEVY C. plan to do and what we should to in daily basis. Be kind to our skin and they will return us a youthful appearance that many people pursue after.

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